Our VW Westy Page

After years of getting whiplash from checking out every camper that drove by and drooling over the Westies our friends had (but wouldn't sell) we finally took the leap this summer and got a VW Westfalia Campervan.We'd been looking kinda semi-seriously for awhile but not too hard.While going back to the office one day, I drove past a dealership that had a used one but forgot where it was...d'oh !

So one day Katrina and I are driving along and we just about left skid marks when we drove past the lot that I'd driven past before.It was closed but we took a look anyway.The price was ok and it had what we needed.All we had to do was take it for a test drive.It was a high mileage camper but the engine was rebuilt recently by a garage that a friend goes to so that was reassuring.

To make an already long story short,we liked it,could live with the patches of rust and after some mild haggling,drove our new baby home in late August.

Of course that was only the beginning.A weekend of scrubbing,cleaning and washing made a world of difference to the interior.We've already added a few small things here and I can finally get the fridge to run off the propane without too much hassle ! An auxilliary battery is the next major job so we can install a few more cabin lights for reading and cooking.Right now I'm using a 12v Booster Pac to run an 8w flourescent light and a 25w incandescent light.It also has the benefit of boosting the starter battery when it gets too low.

In our search for information about Westfalias ,we found some cool VW Westfalia links that were extremely useful when trying to decide whether or not to get the camper.If you decide to get a camper,talk to as many people as possible and do your research.Find out which years were good and which were so so.

And one last thing,get used to the slow lane on the highway.