Cabin to Cabin Skiing in Temagami

Looking for a break from our usual winter vacation routine,Katrina and I figured a cabin to cabin ski trip would be cool.An old friend from work did them years before but that was a long time ago and he's since gone on to The Great Ski Trail in the Sky.We'd heard about Smoothwater Outfitters from friends so we checked out their website and discovered that they had cabin to cabin trails.

The cabins can accomodate six people but there were only two of us.We could have booked out the entire cabins to have to ourselves but that's a pricey option so we decided to take our chances and see who else might show up for the night.As it worked out,we ended up being the only people in the cabins during our two night trip !

We kept logs of observations and thoughts and when we get around to it,we'll post a short description of the trails and cabins.Suffice it to say that all you need to bring are your sleeping bags,clothes,food and skinny boards.I can't recall what equipment they rent but a phone call will answer that.Of course for a small charge they'll take all your gear to the cabins for you so you can enjoy the trip to the cabins unencumbered.Against the advice of friends who'd done the trails ,we went the backpack route.The packs were no problem (summer canoe tripping finally pays off ! ) but they did spice up long,steep,curving downhill runs.

Hope you enjoy the photos from our little excursion !

Cheers !

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