2002 OC North American Championships

Ok so the race was waaaay back in July and the year is over and I've finally posted some race photos.What can I say ? It's been a real busy year at the Globe for me and writing code was the last thing I wanted to do.After the races ended I was on PopeWatch for the week.Even got to stand on the same stage as 'The Man' although it did require I wear a penguin suit.Now I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I have to admit,the vibe at Downsview Park for the evening vigil was very cool.Musta been all the candles and chanting maybe.Wish I coulda stayed 'cause there were some great images to be made but the Vatican entourage wouldn't wait.

After JP II left, I had to take some much needed vacation time with Katrina.When I got back to work it was time to follow the Queen around.Then it was back to the usual grind as a newspaper photogrunt.No rest for the weary as they say.

So if you're still with me,here are some photos from the race.Better late than never eh ? If only I had a digicam,life would be sooo much easier....

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Some more race photos

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